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When it comes to your business, your digital footprint speaks volumes before you even get a foot in the door. What does your footprint say about you? 

At Leap Innovative Group, we work with you to use social & digital media to turn your Brand-Next-Door into a Powerhouse. Already a Powerhouse? Perfect; let's take the leap together and kick things up a notch.


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Who Are We? 

Here's our story.

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What Do We Do For You?

Branding. Writing. Social media. Occasional therapy. (Kidding...Kinda.)

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Who Are Our Clients?

We can't wait to add you to our list. Until then, here's a peek at some of our rockstar brands.

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"Who are you? Who do you want to be? Who do you want people to PERCEIVE you to be? When it comes to your personal and professional brand, the answers to these 3 questions MUST be the same. Leap helps you align your messaging, story, and identity to build a brand a solid as your product."

— Janna M. Hall, Founder/CEO, Leap Innovative Group



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