4 Unique Brand Voices (and What They Get Right)

4 Unique Brand Voices (and What They Get Right)


Calming. Zany. Dragadocious. (That’s a new word I came up with; let it roll, okay??) The world is full of such a wide variety of voices, and without that variety, the world would be a pretty boring place, don’t you agree? So when we address our audience online, why would this change? Social media has simply broken the mold on the various ways we can express our voice, and that’s the exciting part. Just like genres of music, books and movies, people are attracted to certain voices on social. Developing your unique brand voice is integral to attracting your target audience and building community.  

What is a Brand Voice? 

A brand voice is any form of communication between your brand and your stakeholders-- investors, customers, etc. It’s not limited to strictly copy, either. Everything from your images, your business cards, right down to the emojis you use in your captions are indicative of the brand you’re representing. 

Think about some of the most impactful brands of the past few years. They address us as PEOPLE first--not consumers. Whatever your personal brand voice, approaching it with thought and executing it with confidence can make interacting on social way more engaging and memorable for your audience. Social media is an ever-evolving medium and there’s no cookie cutter way to talk to your target audience, so experiment with how you want to address yours! Think of how your ideal customer may speak, what traits your team’s unique personality consists of, and even what culturally relevant (but brand appropriate) jargon you could tap into. All of those elements help build your unique voice!  You could even take a note from Wendy’s and ask for volunteers to roast on Twitter.... or not. Here are a couple of online brand voices who are killing it with their online message. 

“People don’t want to interact with brands, they want to interact with PEOPLE.” - Me? 

Adorned By Chi 


Adorned By Chi Instagram
Adorned By Chi Instagram Post

Adorned by Chi (ABC) is a lifestyle brand that sells apparel and for self-proclaimed geeky and quirky people. Recently, they’ve released a manga (A.K.A comic book) that features a group of magical Black girls.Their Instagram is very in tune with their target audience, including funny, nerdy memes and videos that match that aesthetic.

What’s great about ABC is that it includes its audience in the journey of entrepreneurship. Their CEO takes moments to talk about the times she’s feeling down about her business. She lets the audience know that bosses get scared sometimes! This transparency opens up a forum for people to share their own stories of overcoming insecurity. 

ABC fans and patrons are a part of the conversation! Their voice has become a core part of the larger brand voice. Fan art and photos of people dressed in their apparel and like characters from the comic book adorn every nook and cranny of their feed and stories. It’s a sweet way to acknowledge their established community and create a 2-way street of meaningful communication. 



Bevel Instagram
Bevel Instagram Post

Bevel is a shaving company that sells a razor for “every type of skin”. Their feed and copy language are sleek and cool, just like the type of captions you see under a fire outfit photo:short, weighty, and allow the image to speak for itself.  

Bevel’s feed pays homage to the deep barbershop culture and the nostalgic experience of getting your haircut as a Black man. It includes stories from actors, athletes, and musicians on their memories of being at the shop and the ease that Bevel brings to their lives. Nearly every other post is an invitation for a meetup or event, which is a stellar way to build a community offline. 



Sunandselene Instagram
Sun and Selene Instagram Post

SunandSelene is a handcrafted jewelry brand based in Richmond, VA and inspired by human history, ancient mythology, and beyond. Looking at S&S’ Insta feed creates a relaxing mood; the  brand is instantly recognizable, and the outstanding art direction of the photos are connotative of how wearing their jewelry feels. In the captions, they include tidbits of information about the different materials used in their jewelry, alluding to the story and history of the piece. The intimate journey they take us on only enhances the consumer experience.  



Soul Taco Instagram
Soul Taco Instagram Post

Richmond eatery Soul Taco blends Latin American and Southern flavors. Forget FOMO; looking at Soul Taco’s feed instills FONET: Fear of Not Eating That. 

A trip through this IG includes saturated photos of the amazing food they offer, all of which could completely own the feed on its own. But the good people at Soul Taco are smarter than that...Smiling folks enjoying a bite, new artwork that decorates the walls, and your occasional celebrity sighting are indicative of the complete vibe a visit to Soul Taco provides. Going through their feed feels like having your finger on the pulse of a good time that you just have to be a part of. 

So, What? 

So what does this mean for you, dear reader? How do you develop your brand voice? I would say that the grand connector of all of these brands is this: 

“Define what your brand stands for, its core values and tone of voice, and then communicate consistently in those terms” -  Simon Mainwaring 

Think about what you value and what you want you company to value. These are the first steps toward developing a great voice. 

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Until next time, friends! 


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