How to Make Your Customer Feel Valued

How to Make Your Customer Feel Valued

Hey Funemployed peeps! We’re only four months away from 2020— how are we feeling!? Maybe you’re a seasoned entrepreneur accounting for off the chart Q3 sales (killing it!) or maybe you made your first business sale this month (also killing it!) -- one thing we all agree on is that customers make our world go 'round. 

Where would we be without them? If you found people that choose to spend their money and resources on your product, that’s an honor. You should return the favor by providing value to them even outside of the product or service you provide!

Making your customer feel special isn’t about increasing your bottom line. It’s about showing appreciation to a group of people who support your idea. How you treat your customers is an extension of your brand. Treat them in a way that makes them feel heard and valued.

“Your customers are responsible for your company’s reason for existing.”

Marilyn Suttle


Personalization is Key

A wise man once said, “Special, special, everyone is special. Everyone is his or her own way.” That man was Barney, but that’s besides the point. Let’s take that quote at face value -- In order to make someone feel special, you have to take note of what makes them an individual. 

Take some time to get to know your customers. Research what they like and their age group. Is there a need that you can fulfill for them that you never thought of? These kinds of questions help to define your customer base and allow you to provide value.

I know what you’re saying. “Lakayla, but I have hundreds, thousands, of customers. There’s no way I could see them all individually!” This is true, but I present to you: the internet. There are many ways to provide a more individualistic experience with some programs you already use. 

If you have an email list, consider segmenting your audience so that you can send unique emails pertaining to their interests. For example, if somebody signed onto your email list from a recent event, send emails with event news and information that relates to the event that they attended. This is a quick way to provide a customized consumer experience. 

You could also try engaging your customer during the purchasing process with chatbots or messaging apps. Have you ever been to a store and couldn’t for the life of you find a clerk to answer your question? Sucks right? Including a chatbox on your shop page is literally like having a personal store clerk at your customers fingertips, providing instant interaction and allowing your customer to understand your product better before making a purchase. Facebook Business has a great chatbox feature and most website hosts have a plugin version.


Serving Socially 

Your social media platforms should never be about strictly promoting your services. Think about it, if you were around a person that talked about themselves every MOMENT of everyday, would you want to hang around them often? 

Your social media channels are chock full of opportunities to celebrate and enrich your customers. Build a relationship with them. Shout out your loyalty customers! Search through your branded hashtags and find photos of people enjoying your services. Include them in your story or on your page. Share  and create content with information in related fields of interests. All of these things can make your channel feel less like a selling soundboard and more like a community. 

Keep Your Ears Open

It’s 2019, nobody is trying to feel like this when communicating to a business: 

Screen Shot 2019-08-04 at 10.46.25 AM.png

Social media is not a one way street! Interacting with customers on social is a must. Create a forum for their individual voices by posting a question sticker on your Instagram. Ask your audience their tips and tricks for how they use your product in unique ways, or even ask them what they want to learn more of -- it just might become your new blog post. Programs like Crowdbooster and Sprout Social are great ways to visualize your audience and what their needs are. Incorporate some of their ideas into your strategy where you can. Let them know you listened! 

 Alright, now let’s recap:  

1. Understand who your audience is and what areas you can personalize the experience for them.

2. Provide value on social media channels by offering information, tutorials and engaging content for your audience.

3. Incorporate consumer listening into your social strategy to understand your customers needs, wants and concerns.


So long for now!


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