10 Productivity Tips From Your FunEmployed Faves

10 Productivity Tips From Your FunEmployed Faves

Spring is here, baby! And you know what that means: longer days, shorter nights, it’s only right that we make the most of them. We all lose our creative spirit and lack inspiration at times, but keeping the hard work going and staying productive helps train your brain to keep all the gears turning-- so when it’s time to sit down at the desk and get back to work, all that creativity and motivation we have at rest, switches on like a light!

This week, since we’re diving into the working world as ‘CEO’, we asked 10 of our fellow FunEmployed #bosses on Instagram:

What is one thing you do to peak your productivity?”


“How I work at my peak productivity would be to timebox. Timeboxing allows me to allocate a pre-determined amount of time to finish a given activity. It encourages me to find more efficient ways to finish tasks or at least finish in a reasonable amount of time. It also keeps me accountable, as I can use my calendar to track the activity and send a notification when it should be complete.”

Dorian Marie @The_femmefocus   linktr.ee/the_femmefocus

Dorian Marie @The_femmefocus



Do Not Disturb

“My favorite productivity tip is utilizing Do Not Disturb on my iPhone and MacBook. Most of my work is online based, so it’s easy to get distracted by notifications and more. This takes that issue out of the equation.”

Nicholas Bailey @Nicksaysgo   linktr.ee/nicksaysgo

Nicholas Bailey @Nicksaysgo



To-do Lists

To-do lists definitely help me stay productive. It’s something about going down that list and checking things off that keep me focused throughout the day! :-)”

Melissa Chanel @Melissachanel   www.melissachanel.com

Melissa Chanel @Melissachanel



Minimize Distractions

“It’s important to minimize distractions (phone, music, side conversations) and schedule blocks of time to be at peak productivity! Productivity doesn’t mean “busy” or “ 8 hours worth of work”, to me it means taking enough time to be fully present in getting things done!”

Monica Wilson @Monnie_renee   oathandaura.bigcartel.com

Monica Wilson @Monnie_renee



Roll Right Out of Bed

“Wake up right when your alarm goes off. There’s something about making yourself get up even though you want that extra 5-15 mins. When you get up immediately your body will respond differently if you get your day going right then. Hopping in the shower, wake your body up. It keeps up the momentum of my day. I feel more productive when I practice this even though it's tough. I have more energy and I continue to push myself to get better at it each day.”

Derria Underwood @Dlolo   linktr.ee/dlolo

Derria Underwood @Dlolo



Get Up & Get Out

“Get dressed in the morning as if you’re going to a regular workday and work outside of your home if you feel yourself being too distracted. Coffee shops of bookstores work great!”

Eboni Renee @Ebonirm   www.lostqueens.com

Eboni Renee @Ebonirm



Alarms, Alarms, Alarms

“I set reminder alarms for my follow up emails along with the links to my follow up email templates. After running around so much, I have to set the alarm so I don’t forget such an important piece. Following up can make or break your business relationship sometimes and it’s such an easy/memorable piece to maintain relationships.”

Jasmine Taylor @Signaturebve   sbve.tumblr.com

Jasmine Taylor @Signaturebve



Accountability Partner

“One of the things that help me stay productive is telling a friend what I plan to accomplish for the week. Having an accountability partner makes sure that I keep my word and take care of business.”

Ryan Williams @Juiceliferva   www.juiceliferva.com

Ryan Williams @Juiceliferva



Goal Setting

“Sometimes staying productive can be extremely difficult when you’re an entrepreneur. Trust me I’ve had more than one,” Imma do what I want,” type of days since I started my entrepreneur journey. I try to plan out my day. Primarily I try to set my goals according to priorities. It keeps me from being focused on too many tasks at once. That way I’m focused on the tasks that generate the most impactful results. I also set daily alarms on my phone for almost everything I do even phone calls. That way I’m not spending too much time on one task. Never forget to schedule your breaks or you may go stir crazy working six hours straight.”

Vanessa Perry @ijustneedacutetop    www.ijustneedacutetop.com

Vanessa Perry @ijustneedacutetop



And last but not least, from our very own CEO of FunEmployed:

Set milestone goals. It’s easy to look at where we are versus where we want to be, and get discouraged. That’s the best way to feel like no matter how hard you work, you’re not making any progress. I always set little goals as I go: complete one project, send two proposals, sometimes it’s as basic as send one email, LOL!. But those small things always help me feel accomplished and productive!

Janna Hall @itsmejmarie   www.leapinnovativegroup.com

Janna Hall @itsmejmarie



As you can see, there’s no one quick step to reaching your maximum capacity. Being your own boss requires plenty of responsibility and self-discipline, but the good part? All you #bosses have what it takes! These are just a few pointers, but there are hundreds out there. If you don’t know where to start: take it from one of your FunEmployed faves and start your morning right, get dress, get out, set some goals or create an agenda! It takes one day to brainstorm. Set aside this time for yourself, figure out what it is that works best and you’ve got it from there!

“If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready”

Will Smith

See ya next time!

-Kree :)

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