Winning with Quarterly Goals

Winning with Quarterly Goals


It’s that time of year friends! We all know someone who says “New Year, New Me,” or “I have X,Y, and Z as my New Year’ Resolutions.” But when the end of the year comes, how many of those people actually accomplish what they said they were going to do in the beginning of the year? When you think about it, resolutions are nothing more than goals, and goals are simply hopes that a person has for themselves. Instead of shooting your hopes outrageously high with yearly goals alone, take a new approach with creating quarterly goals. II know—you’re probably thinking, I highly doubt it’ll make any difference. Well, you’re wrong. Keep in mind these little gems to ensure your goals will be more than just broken resolutions.

Make it a one time goal – something achievable within in 3 months.

Studies show that it takes 21 days to break a habit, and on average takes 66 to a form a new one. By doing something a simple as using repetition to create a new habit, you’re well on your way to achieving tangible one-time goals. Maybe your goal is to read more this year, so you create a one-time goal to read five pages a day every day for the entire quarter. By the end of that quarter, it’ll no longer be a goal because you’ve already achieved the goal; you’ve now just created a good habit that is a part of your daily routine.

Make it a habit to include it in your daily or weekly routine.

Many times, people set goals and aren’t able to accomplish them because it isn’t being done as part of a routine. Think about it—if you want your goals to flourish into something, depending on what that goal might be, you should incorporate it in either your daily or weekly routine. For example, maybe you work a typical 9-5 but you don’t want that to be your reality for the rest of your life, so you decide to start a business. With all that running a business entails, you’d have to get into a rhythm of incorporating business work into your daily or weekly routine and finding a system that allows you to go to your 9-5 while also creating the job of your dreams. It won’t be easy, so start slow. Incorporate tasks slowly, and remember what you’re setting out to achieve.   

Limit yourself to no more than 3 goals to focus on during that particular quarter.

In order to be able to reach goals you’ve set for yourself, try to limit to no more than three goals per quarter. This gives you the chance to focus on each individual one without feeling like you have to sacrifice one for another in order to get it done. Whether your goals all go into one category (personal) or multiple (personal, financial, or business), you want to ensure that you can give the same amount and effort to each goal.  

Have a designated place to track your progress.

Whether it’s journaling, a to-do list, or even sticky notes on your mirror, find a method that will help you keep track of your progress and also keep you focused on the big picture. Keeping track of your progress serves more purpose than one. Being able to physically see your progress gives you the chance to praise yourself and actually see the milestones that you’ve accomplished throughout the journey. It’s the best motivator, and one that’ll keep you committed to the process.

Easy enough? I think so.

So… let’s keep New Year’s Resolutions in 2018 and have more quarterly goals in 2019, shall we?!

Happy New Year!

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