The People's Playlist: Special Edition - Jessica Snyder


My name is Jess and I am a social media & event coordinator. I specialize in social media marketing for special events such as festivals, restaurant weeks, concerts, etc. In addition to my marketing duties, I am the creator of JessWuzHere. Focusing primarily on music and events, we strive to keep the community connected to the culture.  

Why I Created The Playlist. 

I originally curated this playlist for an event titled "Sis Disruptive: Vibes & Journalinghealing". The playlist would provide the soundtrack for a 2hr self care workshop that included yoga, writing, and open discussions

After the event had ended I found myself constantly going back to the playlist especially on those 'ugh' days, the days I really didn't feel like working. Something about this playlist is soothing to me. It calms me down, it encourages me, it inspires me to just keep pushing. 

The playlist contains over 80 songs with a diverse group of artist including Solange, Emily King, H.E.R., Tori Kelly, SZA and more. 

Are you ready to rock the hell outta this week with Jess? Let's do it. The People's Playlist: Special Edition - Jessica Snyder

Janna Hall