5 Fridays to Funemployed Returns!

5 Fridays to Funemployed Returns!


Yep, it’s happening, and we’re just TWO days away! 

This Friday, I'm bringing back 5 Fridays to Funemployed series for every horrible person who's not on the mailing list and missed the series back in March. *wink*

 So what is 5 Fridays to Funemployed, exactly?

Over the years I've spent being fully self-employed, I've been able to pull together key things that I and my fellow full-time Funemployed folks (say that 5 times fast) have learned and done in order to turn our passion into something we can rock full time. What seems scary and impossible is ACTUALLY doable, so I'm bringing 5 MAJOR KEYS to you so that you can make your Funemployed dreams a reality. 

A little backstory: 

In 2015, I left my dream job in NYC, booked a one-way ticket to Europe, and used my last paycheck to backpack across the continent. My best friend and I ventured until my poor backpack got stolen, and with nothing left but my passport, camera, and the clothes on my back, we finally booked a return flight home. (Shout out to WOWAir for the cheap rates; our flight from Amsterdam back to DC was only $87.) 

Upon our return, reality set in. I didn’t have a job, didn’t have that last paycheck, and only had my small savings account to fall back on. I spent my time back and forth from DC to Richmond, bouncing around between my then-boyfriend’s house, friends’ apartments, and my parent’s house in Richmond. I was literally starting from Square One. The thought of applying for jobs I knew I didn’t want literally put me in a depressive state; I didn’t mind working a 9-5 in New York, where I had a rent, bills, and was working my dream job, but moving home and starting the 9-5 life in Richmond or DC? I just didn’t want to fall back into that cycle again. 

Here’s when my Funemployed life kicked in. What I lacked in money, I made up for in social capital and real-life employable skills. I remained confident that what I did in my role at one of the largest non-profits in the world would benefit someone somewhere in my hometown. So, I began pitching myself to people in my network and local businesses. Who needs social media management? Oh, you don’t have money to hire someone on retainer? Great! I offer social media strategy guides that provide you with an entire strategy for executing everything on your own…just one flat fee! Just need me to take a look at your website and social media to tell you what you’re getting right and where you’re falling flat? Yep, I do that too. 

I basically figured out a way to turn everything I did while working for someone else into a service I’d offer while working for myself. As simple as that. And my selling point? I’d kicked off my career and built my network in the Big Apple, which is impressive literally ANYWHERE but New York. 

Before long, all of this translated into 2 years of Funemployment with Leap Innovative Group.

You: “Okay Janna; what’s the point of all of your rambling?”

Well, I talk to a lot of you— whether in passing, at actual meetings, or over a cold ‘Rita— who have a passion or side hustle and want to figure out how the heck you’re ever going to monetize it enough to do it full-time. Between bills and responsibilities, it just seems impossible. But, it’s not. If you have a way to make money, you have a way to do it full-time. 

So, 5 Fridays to Funemployed. Here’s how it’ll work: 

Starting this Friday, the Funemployed blog will provide actionable tips to implement that will bring you one step closer to doing what you love full-time. You’ll get the "what" and the "why", and some homework (ugh, I know) that'll help you get moving and making the changes ASAP. You'll also get opportunities to work with me directly if you need any help piecing it all together when things get a little fuzzy. If you're feeling overwhelmed at any point during these next 5 weeks (or even after), just shoot me an email and let me know you're ready to sign up for 1-on-1 coaching.

Simple, right?

Are you ready to kick this thing off? I am!

See you Friday, beautiful people!

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