The People's Playlist: Vo. 24 - Anée Atelier

The People's Playlist: Vo. 24 - Anée Atelier


Hey y'all, Janna here!

Usually, each week's feature playlist is introduced by the guest of honor themselves, but this week, I'll take the reins and introduce this week's fabulous playlist curators! 

Sheena Meekins & Gina Esposito are the best friends, owners, and brilliant minds behind Anée Atelier, an NYC + Destination photography studio based in The Big Apple. I stayed with these beauties during my week in NYC at the beginning of the month, and we had equally crazy schedules that kept us ripping and running around the city all week. Every night, though, we returned back to their charming loft to recap our days and share endless stories and laughs over wine. Lots of wine. 

While there, these two were prepping for 3 major back-to-back shoots--a NYC wedding on Saturday, a flight to shoot in Tel Aviv on Sunday, and then they immediately jetted to the Maldives to shoot once Tel Aviv was all wrapped up. Talk about #LifeGoals! 

As you can imagine, the loft quickly became overrun by luggage, vacuum-sealed bags, camera equipment, wedding gowns, jewelry--you name it, it was draped across a couch or floor. In the midst of the organized chaos, I couldn't help but notice the amazing playlist Sheena had blaring from the TV. 

Music drives the creative duo; whether they're photographing clients, editing photos, or packing for the next big destination shoot, they've got the right tunes to set the atmosphere and get things done. 

So without further ado, let's hear the music that transforms Sheena & Gina (also known as "The EENAS") into the powerhouse that is Anée Atelier! --> The People's Playlist: Vo. 24 - Anée Atelier




  1. “Gyal You A  Party Animal” - Charly Black
  2. “Hola Hola” - Sugarboy

  3. “Valio La Pena” - Marc Anthony

  4. “Odio” (Feat. Drake) - Romeo Santos

  5. “La Gozadera” (Feat. Marc Anthony) - Gente De Zona

  6. “Dirty Harry” - Grace

  7. “Move Your Body” - Sia

  8. “Diana” - Tekno

  9. “Por Un Segundo” - Aventura

  10. “Pop That” (Feat. Rick Ross, Drake, Lil Wayne) - French Montana

  11. “Bird Set Free” - Sia

  12. “Anywhere” - Rita Ora

  13. “Unconditional” - Nick Mulvey

  14. “Right Above It” (Feat. Drake) - Lil Wayne

  15. “Ready For It” - Taylor Swift

  16. “Run Boy Run” - Woodkid

  17. “I Follow Rivers” - Lykke Li

  18. “Boa Sorte” - Venessa Da Mata, Ben Harper

  19. “Silhouettes” - Of Monsters and Men

  20. “Holes In The Sky” (Feat. HAIM) - M83

  21. “Heartlines” - Florence + The Machine

  22.  “I Am Moana” - Rachel House, Alui’i Cravalho

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