The People's Playlist: Vo. 20 - Everything is Love


Ever since Beyonce & Jay-Z snatched our wigs early Saturday evening, I've been locked in, listening to Everything is Love on repeat. I listen at home, in the car, at the gym...every spin is better than the last.

Bey and Jay are giving us reconciliation realness. Lemonade was about pain, uncertainty, heartbreak, anger, and an ultimate willingness to heal and reach the other side; 4:44 wreaked of regret, shame, and acknowledgement of his wrongdoing in an effort to heal both his wounds and the wounds he caused. Everything is Love is the product of the work they've done to heal, repair, and recommit. 

We're delving deeper into the ideas of legacy & generational wealth Jay put forth in 4:44. We're seeing themes put forth in Lemonade through a more contextual lens. We're even learning a bit more about the components that make Beyonce & Mr. Beyonce a powerhouse--ownership, a solid clique ("Boss" reminds me of the Jay-Z line: "If every n*gga in your clique is rich, your clique is rugged; no one would fall 'cuz everyone would be each other's crutches..."), and a fervent need to protect what's sacred, whether that's family, friendships, business deals, etc. 

Everything is Love is what happens when you make the decision to stand in the sun after years of enduring darkness. They're unapologetically basking in resolve and the rekindled flame, giving zero f*cks about what we've gotta say about the pain they've endured and caused in the past. I'm here for it. Here for the club bangers like "Apesh*t", here for laying on somebody's boat listening to "Summer", and here for reevaluating my circle after listening to "Friends." Their energy and love is infectious, and you can bet I'll be bumping Everything is Love until further notice. 

I don't have to tell you twice, but in case I do, dive in with me: Everything is Love


1. "Summer"

2. "Apesh*t"

3. "Boss"

4. "Nice"

5. "713"

6. "Friends"

7. "Heard About Us"

8. "Black Effect"

9. "Lovesong"

Bonus: "Salud"

Janna Hall