The People's Playlist: Vo. 13 - Tylen Hazard


"Peace, Y'all!

I'm Tylen, currently a Senior Manager in Project Management at McKesson Pharmaceuticals. I thoroughly enjoy working in the ever-changing, fast-paced Pharma environment and hope to expose the industry to like-minded individuals who look more like myself. 

Outside of work, I am extremely passionate about two things: helping underserved community members in the Cap City, and Music! From as far back as I can remember, music has always been my truest and best friend. There is a song for every mood, every feeling, and every emotion. If you need a song to be understanding, to force transparency, or even for motivation, there's one out there for you.

Enjoy this playlist; it'll ignite your creative juices throughout the day!"

We're ready to jump right in and get our creative juices flowing this morning! You coming with?! --> The People's Playlist: Vo. 13- Tylen Hazard


  1. “GhettoMusick” - OutKast

  2. “Intergalactic” - Beastie Boys

  3. “Put On” (Feat. Kanye West) - Jeezy

  4. “Daughters” - Nas

  5. “If You Say So” - Mark Ferg & The Culture

  6. “Spaz” - N.E.R.D

  7. “Broccoli” (Feat. Lil Yachty) - DRAM

  8. “Angel” (Feat. John Legend) - Stacy Barthe

  9. “Assurance” (Feat. Huey Supreme) - Eric Penn

  10. “To be With You” - Pas Doo

  11. “Charnsuka” - MF DOOM

  12. “Yap” - Bluestaeb

  13. “For the World” - The Internet

  14. “Show you the Way” - Thundercat

Janna Hall