The People's Playlist: Vo. 15 - Ivanna Marie

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I'm Ivanna, the creator and writer at I'm a follower of Jesus, a wife, and mom of two. I am an encourager of people, and a fitness and wellness expert with over 15 years of experience in the Fitness Industry. I am also an Air Force Veteran originally from Texas and currently living in the Denver, Colorado area.

I've been a certified personal trainer for over 15 years, and have a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a Master's degree in Management. These have been useful in helping me create content for my website and working my day job at the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. 

After suffering from PTSD and General Anxiety Disorder for several years, I've become a strong advocate for wellness and mental health care. I was able to control my anxiety through prayer, fasting, and healthy living all in which I share about on my site. 

I am really into Christian Hip-Hop, which is usually what I listen to in addition to podcasts to keep my creativity flowing."

Are we ready to dive into Ivanna Marie's Playlist?! Let's go! The People's Playlist: Vo. 15 - Ivanna Marie


  1. Green Lights” - NF

  2. 10 Feet Down” - NF  

  3. “My Life” - NF

  4. “Facts” - Lecrae

  5. “Blessings” (Feat. Ty Dolla $ign) - Lecrae

  6. “Hammer Time” (Feat. 1K Phew) Lecrae

  7. “Tuyo” - Social Club Misfits

  8. “Lucky” - Social Club Misfits

  9. “Solo” - Social Club Misfits

  10. “The One of a Kind” - Social Club Misfits

  11. “Not today Satan” (Feat. Andy Mineo) - KB

  12. “Monster” (Aha Gazelle) - KB

  13. “Get Through” (Feat. Lecrae) - KB

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