The People's Playlist: Vo. 9 - Tiffany Jones


"My name is Tiffany Jones, Founder of 726SQFT, an online creative services studio and inspirational lifestyle blog. I live in Richmond, Virginia and after years of feeling unfulfilled by my corporate job, my business was inspired by my journey to rediscover the best work-life balance for me. I strive to provide our clients with the tools, inspiration and encouragement to do the same.

Our motto is, “Limitless in Limited Spaces”, meaning no matter your circumstances, you can live your best life on your own terms.

We help the dreamers and entrepreneurs build their best personal and professional brands from designing websites and graphic elements to providing photography services. Through our blog, we share lifestyle tips on things like travel and self care and we believe these things, balanced with hard work, can help to achieve a limitless life.

Music plays such a big role in my life from exercise and meditation to busy work days. My main playlists these days are for work concentration so the less words in the music the better. I like something a little upbeat but also mellow enough for me to not feel too jittery and amped at my desk. Upbeat piano usually does the trick or some mellow music for the soul."

Let's get right into it, shall we? The People's Playlist: Vo. 9 - Tiffany Jones


"Surveillance" – George Ogilvie

"Looking Too Closely" – Fink

"Exhibit C" - Instrumental – Jay Electronica, Just Blaze

"Wander With Me" – Tom Misch, Carmody

"Water Ripples" – Enno Aare

"Juliet & Caesar" – Cautious Clay

"Terrified" – Childish Gambino

"immortal" – Elley Duhé

"Treat Me Like Fire" – LION BABE

"Bloodflows" – SOHN

"Daydream" – Medasin, Joba

"The Wheel" – SOHN

Janna Hall