The People's Playlist: Special Edition - Ryan Pitts of Beats @ the Lunch Table Podcast

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This week's playlist isn't business as usual; we've got a special mix of music and social commentary from the Beats @ the Lunch Table Podcast. 

Beats @ the Lunch Table is a monthly podcast featuring a buffet of content that promises to have you coming back for seconds. Seeking to embody the essence of a throwback high school cafeteria cypher, each episode is an organic freestyle of content with guest MC’s and the show’s host Ryan Pitts, AKA @mrknowtorious.

If you’re hungry for dope conversations over fire beats, just put in your earbuds and press play to get the monthly special. BLT Podcast is a place where you get a taste of everything: politics, pop culture, religion, relationships, careers, travel, and of course, music. Literally a smorgasbord.

Today's playlist, Season 1-The Playlist Platter, is a recap of all the monthly music featured on the podcast as well as some of Ryan’s favorite sound bites from his special guests. These featured tracks perfectly capture the evolving emotional & mental vibes of 2017. Whether you’re traveling, in the office, or getting ready to step out, the Season 1 Playlist Platter sets the mood.

Let's get into it! BLT Season I-The Playlist Platter

Keep up with the podcast and Ryan Pitts on social media: @blt_podcast & @mrknowtorious

Janna Hall