The People's Playlist: Vo. 4 - Karlyn Williams

The People's Playlist: Vo. 4 - Karlyn Williams


"Hey hey hey! I’m Karlyn Williams of Oh Snap! Social, where we create unique social media systems for brands who care about being seen. Because after all, everyone has a reputation, and we just want to make sure it’s a good one. I’m incredibly honored to be featured on The People’s Playlist. Shout out to Janna, a fellow Duke of JMU, for the opportunity!

I’ve been on my quest to full-time funemployment for about five years (!!! I know right!?). And it wasn’t until this year that I decided to join a mastermind and get around like-minded people who were already where I wanted to be. Because why seek guidance from people who don’t have fruit on their tree, you know?

Being associated with a group of powerful entrepreneurs has forever changed my life. It’s changed my mindset so I can finally believe in myself — I would have not been able to say that just a few short months ago. It’s changed my client roster. It is in fact, what you call a game-changer. During this wild, wild journey, music has definitely seen me through. I’m a bit all over the place when it comes to music – I love it all (my background as a dancer/dance teacher takes the credit). So buckle in for my ten favorite go-to tracks that give me all the feels, including: inspiration, girl power, rally, release and some downright fun."

**Before we dive into her playlist, I must also give her a huge shoutout for being the creative mind behind of the name "The People's Playlist." .Approximately02 seconds after sharing with her my idea. So on top of a #GirlBoss, she's a literal creative genius. 

Okay...ready to rock out Karlyn style? The People's Playlist: Vo. 4 - Karlyn Williams


1.     “All I Do Is Win” (Feat. T-Pain) – DJ Khaled

I listen to this every time I go “live” on a webinar, Facebook Live, or a client meeting. It’s fun, catchy, and I’ve got some hella good dance moves for this one.

2.     “Finesse” (Remix) [Feat. Cardi B.] – Bruno Mars

Swag central. I love the Motown vibe and unity Bruno Mars music has on multiple generations, races, classes.

3.     “ Run The World (Girls)” — Beyoncé

Needs no explanation — amiright?

4.     “Thunder” — Imagine Dragons

I’m a dance teacher at the studio I grew up at in Burke, VA and I was absolutely addicted to this song Fall 2017. I created two tap combinations and a hip hop combination to this for my three classes. #Obsessed. Also, bonus points for the connotation laced throughout the lyrics for giving a big ol’ middle finger to the haters.

5.     “Uptown Funk” — Mark Ronson, Bruno Mars

This song just makes me so happy and carefree. When I’m in a funk, this song gets me out of it…oh the irony.

6.     “I Love It” (Feat.  Charli XCX) — Icona Pop

Listen to this one in the car with the windows down singing at the top of your lungs. The release you feel from that freedom and shouty goodness is epic.

7.     “The Champion” (Feat. Ludacris) — Carrie Underwood

The combo of artists on this track is yes, odd. But it brings my love of country music and hip hop together in a really amazing and inspirational way. Definitely listen to this one when you need reassurance of how badass and amazing you are as a human. You’re a champ!

8.     "In This Together" — Boil the Ocean

I listen to this and other tracks from the Deep Focus playlist on Spotify when I’m writing content for clients. Zen mode.

9.     "Summer Love" — Justin Timberlake

I love summer, I’m such a fan of this music video and took the time back in college to learn all the choreography.

10. “Devi Prayer” - Craig Pruess & Ananda

This track is when I need to feel centered and grounded. Though a bit “woo woo” it’s worth a listen. Namastay chilled out.

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