The People's Playlist: Vo. 5 - Amanda Eaddy Oliver

The People's Playlist: Vo. 5 - Amanda Eaddy Oliver





"Yo, Beautiful Kings and Queens!

It’s me, Amanda Eaddy Oliver.

I'm the self-proclaimed story-teller, speaker, educator, teen girl advocate,

founder of BrandNew (come check us out,

lover of peanut butter cookies and Jesus!

God has also given me the privilege of teaching women how to creatively change the world.

Wooah…I didn’t realize how much I did until I had to put all of that down.

Though most days are crazy busy and I am being pulled in so many directions, I wouldn’t change a thing.  As a creative, music has been a Godsend! From Gospel to Trap…it all has a way of getting those creative juices flowing.

Music triggers memories that become scenarios in manuscripts. Music uplifts me when I am uncertain on my next steps. Music is energizing when I am tired and need that extra push to keep going. Music makes me high!

I am excited to share the top 25 songs that have inspired me to continue my life’s work. It is my hope that they motivate you to walk in purpose and to keep going no matter what!"

Are you ready to get crunk AND worship? Start your week with Amanda's musical high here ---> The People's Playlist: Vo. 5 - Amanda Eaddy Oliver

1.    “Forever” - Six60

2.    “So High” -  Six60

3.    “Your Great Name” - Todd Dulaney

4.    “Your Love” - William Murphy

5.    “Little Bit More” - Jidenna

6.    “7/11” -  Beyoncé

7.    “Tennessee Whiskey” - Chris Stapleton

8.    “I Got The Keys” -  DJ Khaled, Future, Jay Z

9.    “Ante Up (Robbin Hoodz Theory)" -  M.OP.

10.   “California Love” - Tupac, Roger, Dr. Dre

11.    “Shining” (Feat. Beyoncé, Jay Z) -  DJ Khaled

12.   “You Reign” - William Murphy

13.   “Our God” (Feat. Micah Stampley II, Adam Stampley) - Micah Stampley

14.    “Journal” - Casey J

15.    “My Worship” - Phil Thompson

16.   “Caroline” - Aminé

17.   “She Got Her Own” (Feat. Jamie Foxx) - Ne-Yo

18.  “Drop It Like It’s Hot” (Feat. Pharrell) - Snoop Dogg

19.   “Overnight Scenario” - Rare Essence

20.  “Back That Thang Up” (Feat. Mannie Fresh & Lil' Wayne) - Juvenile

21.   “Bring Em Out” -  T.I.

22.  “Whatever You Like” - T.I. 

23.  “Walk It Out” - DJ Unk

24.  “Hot Boyz" - Missy Elliott

25.  "Music Makes Me High" - Lost Boyz





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