The People's Playlist: Vo. 1 - Janna M. Hall

The People's Playlist: Vo. 1 - Janna M. Hall


What music gets you going? When you create your best work, and are your very best self, what's the soundtrack to your awesomeness?

The beauty about people--and music--is that everyone's inspired differently. What makes us groove may make you snooze, and what may put you in strict "work mode" may distract us so much we can't get past our first sentence. 

That's why we're excited to launch "The People's Playlist". Each week, we'll be featuring a playlist created by you--the people--to inspire others to get up and get productive! After an incredible week full of checks on our to-do list, Leap Innovative Group is sharing our list of songs that made it all possible.  Let's start this week on a good note, shall we? 

*Make sure to take note of the music you play while reaching peak productivity. We'd love to feature you!


LIG's People Playlist: Vo. 1. - Our CEO, Janna M. Hall


"I work best with contemporary, electronic R&B sounds as the soundtrack to my productivity. On this playlist, you'll see lots of Kelela, Sango, I enjoy music I can groove to, with lyrics I recognize, but also songs I'm not tempted to sing along. When I play my Kelela Pandora station or curated Tidal playlist, my brain immediately goes into 'Work Mode.' It's like clockwork!"

Rock out with me! ---> The People's Playlist: Vo. 1


"Keep You in Mind" - Gourdan Banks

"A Message" - Kelela

"Gone Away" - H.E.R. 

"The Motive/Used to the Melody" -SPZRKT & Sango

"Loner" - Kali Uchis 

"Better" - Kelela 

"Go All Night" - Kelela

"Give Up At 2" - Sofi De La Torre

"Come and See Me" (Feat. Drake) - PARTYNEXTDOOR

"Kickin' Back" - Mila J

"Cranes in the Sky" - Solange

"Confidently Lost" - Sabrina Claudio

"Pretty Thoughts" - Alina Baraz & Galimatias 

"Trust Me" - Sango

"Drift" - Alina Baraz & Galimatias

"Best Part" (Feat. H.E.R.) - Daniel Caesar 

"Blue Lullaby" - Szjerdene

"Electric" (Feat. Khalid) - Alina Baraz

"If You Let Me" (Feat. GRADES) - Sinead Harnett 

"9" (Feat. SZA) -Willow

"Down" - Ella Mai

"Vibin' Out with (((O)))" - FKJ

"Special Affair" - The Internet

"No Less" (Feat. Louis Mattrs) - SG Lewis

"Bad Blood" - NAO

"Too Deep" - dvsn

"Without You" (Radio Edit) - Lapalux

"Unfold" - Alina Baraz & Galimatias 

"Haunted" (Feat. Sevdaliza) - Stwo

*Honorable Mention: CTRL (the entire album, 10 times in a row, [seriously]) - SZA

The People's Playlist: Vo. 2 - Melissa Chanel

The People's Playlist: Vo. 2 - Melissa Chanel