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Revolutionize your growing brand.

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Who Are We?

Leap Innovative Group is a creative branding consulting agency, placing a special focus on brand development and social media strategies.


Our Philosophy 

Let's face it: As a business, if you're not online, you're nowhere at all. What potential clients see--photos, videos, and captivating content--is what will bring them to your company's website and will ultimately put dollars into your pocket.

That said, the only thing truly standing between your company's solid business plan and increased revenue is a strong brand image and even stronger online presence. Our brand consulting services bake the cake, and the solid social media presence showcasing that delicious cake? That's the icing. 

We believe in working with businesses to create a unique brand identity, set and reach marketing goals, and develop a powerhouse digital strategy that can turn even the smallest of businesses into a household name. (And again, bring dollars from those households and into your pocket.)


Our Values

As scary as they may be, we don't shy away from calculated risks. We work hard, work smart, and work with you, the customer, in mind. Your goals are what get us up in the morning, and knowing that we're helping you create a rockstar brand is what helps us sleep like a baby at night. We take risks, work hard, and above all, believe in having FUN.

If you're not online, you're nowhere at all...